Seeking Talent

Freedomizer Radio is looking to round out its show schedule. 

Weekend, morning, mid-day, and late-night slots are available.  (But don’t give up your day job just yet!)   New sponsors are coming in every day, as they seek intelligent shows to back that do not spout violence or tyranny as a way to solve world problems.  We Freedomizers are a team of online radio hosts who are so passionate about our freedom-related subjects, that we just can’t shut up.  We believe in Freedom of the Individual, through the war of ideas, not blood.  We don’t believe a world government that is imposed upon all of humanity, ruled by a few unelected, self-selected, arrogant “elites”, can result in anything but the horror of a world-wide tyranny.

For now, we broadcast in English, but as the Freedom movement grows around the world, who knows?

If you have an angle on Freedomizing the United States and the world that you just can’t shut up about, if troll-bullies have already started following you around on social media (that’s a good thing, means you’re are effective),  if your family is tired of listening to you, if you’re blogging your eyes out, if you’re awake to the sneering oppressions by distant bureaucrats who’ve never met you who think they know better how you should live your life than you do, then perhaps you need a bigger audience for your subject.

Consider becoming a FreedomizerRadio host.

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