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Have you ever wondered why all the chaos? Have you wondered why some things are reported on and other things aren’t? Do some things sound strange and foreign to you? I will be bringing you the News and how it relates to the times we live in. How it affects the Christian in today’s world, and how we can make informed decisions concerning the times we live in.

I will also be discussing Biblical views in relation to the news. We will discuss scripture and how the subtle effects of how the world tries to infiltrate everyday life. How do we watch for it? How do we guard ourselves from it? We will also be exploring the Word of God which enables believers to put on the whole armor of God.

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About Tara

Spending the last 11 years in the electronics and retail industry has given me an insight into some amazing advances our world has to offer. It also allowed me to connect the dots in how if some of these technologies fell into the wrong hands would wreck pure havoc on an unsuspecting public.  Being a Christian for the past 35+ years has helped me to discern how these things affect me as a Christian for better or for worse in some cases.  I want to help others see what they may not yet be able to perceive.


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